Yellow Page Directories are the Original Search Engine

Yellow Page Advertising remains a most vibrant, revenue producing medium in the ever changing business environment. In fact a Yellow Page Directory is on all your potential clients' desk2 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A Yellow Page Advertising Make or Break it Scenario

The following scenario repeats itself relentlessly, day in and day out:

Why are potential clients actively looking for your products and services in Yellow Page Directories?

  1. Customers need you
  2. They are ready to buy
  3. You have what they want
  4. You are ready when they want it

If only they would pick you and dial YOUR telephone number instead of your competitor's.

Your Company is a Revenue Producing Vehicle, Right?

Considering the enormous potential it is clear that your company, as a revenue producing vehicle, must pursue Yellow Page Advertising aggressively. Open any Yellow Page Directory today you are bound to notice that your competition is becoming more significant by the day. As you are eyeball-to-eyeball with this challenge, it makes shrewd business sense to take action as your market share is being constantly threatened.

It is quite possible that in your Industry Yellow Page Advertising is one of the hardest working components of the communication program. In this competitive Head-To-Head arena, how you represent yourself can greatly affect your bottom line.

Our Mission

To Generate Maximum Return On Investment for our Clients
Through Yellow Page Advertising and Internet Advertising Directories.

How does Adperformance Direct, Inc. Accomplish This?

We Will Make Sure Your Ad is Found...AND CALLED!

Many people involved in Yellow Page Advertising are far more concerned with increasing their commission than understanding how and why their product works and how they can use it to truly benefit their customers.

We are not pursuing selfish goals or promoting personal advantages at our clients' expense. The fact remains that our future and vested interest is tied directly to your success and your interests. Failing to do just that, we could not expect to work for you tomorrow or ten years down the line. We will make sure your ad is seen and called.

We Are Ready to Visit You with Yellow Page & Internet Marketing Solutions

The Local Search Association (YPA) awarded Certified Marketing Representative status to Adperformance Direct, Inc. in 1993. The most senior member of our hardworking and professional team has over 40 years experience in Yellow Page; the President has over 15 years of National Yellow Page experience.

Our clients are located across North America (including Seattle, Chicago, New York, New England, Massachusetts, Colorado, Vancouver and Calgary, and a good majority are located in Ontario and Quebec) and advertise in all Provinces and most States. Please contact Gregory at 514 426-4000, we would be glad to visit you, to introduce ourselves and our services. We are ready to begin learning about your business and to begin providing yellow page advertising and internet Yellow Page advertising solutions at your earliest convenience.

Contact Information


186 Sutton Place, Suite 110 Beaconsfield, Quebec H9W 5S3
Telephone: 514 426-4000
Facsimile: 514 426-4939

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